Chrono Trigger SNES Review: A Pixelated Odyssey

Chrono Trigger SNES

Game: Chrono Trigger SNES Company: Square Year: 1995 Reviewed Version: SNES Other Available Versions: PS1

At first glance, it may appear to be the classic Japanese RPG and, therefore, a copy of the FINAL FANTASY series, but there are enough distinctions to consider it a completely unique game.

Now, the adventure unfolds, and as you might have envisioned, most of our time will be spent traversing through time, attempting to mend the world and rectify issues we inadvertently cause by directly intervening in earlier and later eras. As the saying goes, when time traveling, it's best not to touch anything and remain still.

Our journey kicks off with CHRONO, our hero and protagonist, a warrior proficient in the magic of electricity. Initially located in our home, we make our way to the village market, where LUCCA, our dear friend and a genius of remarkable talent, is poised to unveil her time machine project.

For this adventure, we have 7 different characters, though during battles, we can only utilize three at a time, swapping them according to our preference or necessity:

    1. CHRONO
    2. LUCCA
    3. MARLE
    4. FROG
    5. ROBO
    6. AYLA
    7. MAGUS
  3. Graphics in Chrono Trigger SNES
  4. Gameplay
  5. Bezel
  6. Conclusion: Chrono Trigger SNES



As the main character, CHRONO boasts high attack and defense, wielding magical power associated with lightning.


An ingenious inventor armed with a gun, LUCCA, though a bit slow, packs a powerful punch in attacks and utilizes fire as her magical element.


The princess, MARLE, may be physically weak, but she possesses the invaluable ability of healing water magic.


Es un caballero convertido en sapo, usa como arma espadas y es el único capaz de usar la MASUE, una espada milenaria. Posee como magia la del agua.


A knight transformed into a frog, FROG wields swords as his weapons and holds the unique capability of using the MASAMUNE, an ancient sword. He commands water magic.


Leading a prehistoric village, AYLA stands out as the physically strongest character, despite lacking magical abilities. Nevertheless, she excels in employing various other techniques.


A character from the time of LAVOS, MAGUS is a formidable ally, armed with dark magic and a scythe as his weapon.


Regarding the combat system, Chrono Trigger SNES features turn-based combat taking place on the same stage where characters are located, avoiding jumps to different screens as observed in other games of this genre, like FINAL FANTASY.

Magic in Chrono Trigger SNES is a standout feature, allowing players to execute combinations with other characters, including double and triple combinations, with CHRONO always being a mandatory participant in the latter.

Graphics in Chrono Trigger SNES

Chrono Trigger for SNES boasts impeccable graphics, characterized by vibrant colors and sharp details. It achieves visual excellence without relying on static battles, and the game impresses with its stunning introductions. In terms of sound, it's noteworthy for its meticulous attention to detail, offering a diverse range of music for each era and battle.

Undoubtedly, this video game is a must-have for RPG enthusiasts.

What are you waiting for to complete it and discover its seven endings?



You can download the game's bezel or overlay by clicking here.

Conclusion: Chrono Trigger SNES

Chrono Trigger for SNES stands as an enduring masterpiece, offering one of the most memorable role-playing experiences on this iconic console. Whether you're diving into its world for the first time or revisiting it, you'll quickly sense the anticipation of a special journey that is likely to stay with you. Each area not only boasts top-notch design but also introduces innovative ideas, contributing to its distinct visual appeal. The release on the virtual console may have been a long-awaited moment, but it undeniably lived up to expectations, reinforcing the Super Nintendo console's extraordinary status among role-playing game enthusiasts.

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