TrickStyle Review for the Sega Dreamcast

TrickStyle Review

Dreamcast - Acclaim - Speed - English - 1 or 2 players

Acclaim makes a significant leap to 128 bits. This time, they've developed a futuristic and innovative racing game. Excitement awaits—are you going to miss out?

  1. Introduction
  2. The Universe of TrickStyle
  3. TrickStyle Gameplay
  4. Tracks
  5. Trickstyle dreamcast cheats
  6. Bezel
  7. In Conclusion


Acclaim presents us with the chance to delve into one of the most celebrated games of its time showcased at E3. In TrickStyle, players can navigate through expansive tracks atop hoverboards reminiscent of those in Back to the Future 2.

To begin, players select from nine racers, each with their unique abilities, distinctly felt in the control of their chosen character. Furthermore, as players advance, they unlock additional boards, up to a total of four (standard, turbo, combat, and stunts). This progression adds layers of enjoyment, requiring players to master the intricacies of handling each board type.

The Universe of TrickStyle

TrickStyle's central universe unfolds within a velodrome, serving as the training ground for mastering the various tracks spread across diverse cities: London, Manhattan, and futuristic Tokyo. Each location boasts impeccable settings, although some textures may raise slight doubts, likely due to a learning curve in adapting to this format. Notably, the lighting effects, vehicle reflections, and nighttime ambiance contribute to an overall atmosphere of superb quality.

The music takes center stage, reflecting the considerable dedication put into its creation. Crafted by Kurtis Mantronik, it seamlessly aligns with the game's dynamic style. The audiovisual fusion is commendable, with Matronik's contribution playing a significant role. The techno soundtrack bears resemblance to the style of Prodigy, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay experience.

TrickStyle Gameplay

The sound effects serve their purpose: shouts from fellow competitors, crashes, and all the elements typical of this type of game. While they don't particularly stand out in the overall gaming experience, they also don't detract from the rest of the product.

However, the final result is marred by two flaws: the gameplay, which is initially overly complicated, and adapting to it may test your patience; furthermore, its short duration means that if you dedicate some time to it each day, you'll finish it in two weeks or less.


TrickStyle offers players 15 diverse tracks, 16 stadium challenges, and 3 boss levels, making it seem like a daunting challenge. However, it's actually one of the shorter games available on the console, with completion achievable in just three or four hours. While the tracks boast stunning visuals, they suffer from being too short. Unlike traditional lap-based races that provide longer gameplay, races against computer opponents focus solely on reaching the finish line faster than the competition, who aren't notably skilled. Remaining true to its utopian theme, TrickStyle delivers a racing experience that's remarkably fair and balanced.

ahead often slow down or even pause to avoid gaining too much ground, ensuring that no leading racer remains too far ahead of you.

While the close proximity of each race might have been intended to heighten tension, it ultimately makes the races remarkably easy. The tracks offer multiple paths and shortcuts that save time, yet mastering them isn't necessary to secure victory. Many tracks can be conquered on the first attempt, largely due to luck and the incompetence of computer-controlled opponents rather than the player's skill. Only a handful of tracks, such as the initial and final ones in the Tokyo series, feature intricate architectural elements that demand navigation rather than simple traversal, and these rare instances stand out as some of the game's most memorable moments.

Trickstyle dreamcast cheats

Enter these cheats in the cheat screen within the game menu:

iwish Infinite time
inflatedegoBig head mode
travoltaPower-up moves
citybeaconsMaster code (unlock everything)
tearoundAlways come in 1st place
Booster: At the beginning of a race, time your thrust just before the announcer says "GO" to get a head start.


You can download the bezel or the overlay of this game withou the tv borders by clicking here.

In Conclusion

TrickStyle is enjoyable and visually appealing. While it does have a couple of flaws, it's worth considering that it's one of the early games for the Dreamcast, so it's impressive for its time. It's a worthwhile purchase for every Dreamcast owner.

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