Go Go Mile Smile Arcade: A Classic Retro Gaming Experience

Go Go Mile Smile

Game: Go Go! Mile Smile

Released: 1995

Genre: Puzzle

Type: Arcade

Publisher: Fuuki

Developer: Fuuki

  1. Let's be honest about Go Go Mile Smile
  2. Go Go Mile Smile Gameplay
  3. Graphics
  4. Go Go Mile Smile Story
  5. In Conclusion

Let's be honest about Go Go Mile Smile

If you're looking for a word to define this game, it's simply "anachronistic." It's probably not a good thing, but nevertheless, Fuuki's colorful maze game is quite tempting. We imagine it would have been quite difficult to sell in the 1995 arcade market. Considering that, at that time, the world had Sega Rally, Tekken, and other 3D extravaganzas, and maze games were already quite out of fashion.

Of course, we're not the type to worry about whether a game was in style when it was released because it doesn't matter so much now. It turns out it's a small but pretty good game. You play as an egg, operating from within a protected area, and you must venture into the maze to collect items to advance to the next stage.

Of course, it's not an easy task, as the maze is populated with creatures who would like to ruin your day, and you're also playing against a time limit. The further you progress, the more danger you face, as enemies can strike at any point along your path.

Go Go Mile Smile Gameplay

In terms of presentation, it's not the most sophisticated game, but the 2D gives it that touch of nostalgia that makes it quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, it wasn't a hit in its time. However, as long as you enjoy it for what it is, Go Go! Mile Smile is a fun option to pass the time.


The graphics of Go Go Mile Smile are very colorful. Each round of the maze will be different from the previous round, and on the islands where each maze is set, there will be a different theme. For example, the first island has a beach theme, so all the mazes are beach-like (i.e., sand, pools, etc.)

I've made many comparisons, and nothing comes close to this, which is to be expected in most arcade games unless the two games are direct sequels/prequels.

The title screen is also very colorful. It leaves you with a good impression: "This game is absolutely amazing! I can feel it in my bones."

Go Go Mile Smile Sound

Like many of the games I've reviewed before, the music for each island is the same and changes as you enter different islands. The song fits very well with the island; it's as if they were meant to be together, which is exactly how game music should be.

Island 2, for example, is a circus-themed island with clown enemies and everything you can think of. So, the music is a cheerful and exciting tune that says, "The circus would be great without the clowns!"

The boss theme is menacing because it's the majority of the bosses, except for some (a giant snowman? Come on!).

Go Go Mile Smile Story

Despite what you might expect, this game actually has a story. You can read it when you insert some coins and start playing.

The story is about the two main characters you can play as, I believe Mile and Yard are siblings who are living their dream life, and I guess it's about traveling the world and seeing all the places they can see.

Suddenly, Ariel sees them and flies towards them, yelling that she needs their help. Naturally, neither of them wanted to and didn't know what she was talking about, so she explained.

An evil villain named Hector kidnaps a princess and takes her to his world, creatively called Hector World. Ariel also added that whoever can defeat Hector and save the princess, whose name turns out to be Princess District, will be generously rewarded.

Mile wants the reward, and Yard fantasizes about saving Princess District, whom he believes will fall in love with him, and they'll both get married; at least, that's what he hopes will happen.

Knowing there will be rich rewards awaiting them, they agree to go to Hector's world and save the beautiful Princess District. From that moment on, the unsuspecting siblings journey into the evil world to rescue the princess.

In Conclusion

Go Go Mile Smile is genuinely challenging. The enemies are smart. Sometimes they watch the location of one of the maze entrances, and it seems like they can hunt you down no matter where you are. However, it's very interesting. If you want to have some fun or record a YouTube video about it, I recommend giving it a try.

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