Metal Slug X: A Revamped Classic for the PlayStation

Metal Slug X

Many fans wondered why Metal Slug 2 never made it to the PS1, but the answer came with the release of Metal Slug X. This game, while very similar to its predecessor, introduces significant differences that set it apart. Metal Slug X retains the core gameplay while enhancing the overall experience, making it a must-have for fans of the series.

  1. The Story of Metal Slug X
    1. Gameplay Enhancements and Familiar Missions
  2. Arsenal in Metal Slug X
    1. H: The Machine Gun
    2. S: The Shotgun
    3. R: The Missile Launcher
    4. F: The Flamethrower
    5. L: The Laser Gun
    6. C: The Homing Missile Launcher
    7. I: Ground Missiles
    8. D: The Bomb Launcher
    9. G: The Bazooka
  3. Additional Game Features and Enhancements
    1. Levels and Sound
    2. Bosses and Robots
    3. Characters and Graphics
  4. Secrets and Gameplay Tips
    1. Rhe Metal Slug fat

The Story of Metal Slug X

In Metal Slug X, Special Forces agents Marco and Tarma return to combat the evil forces of General Morden. This time, they are joined by two new heroines, Eri and Fio. Players can choose one of these four characters and embark on six extensive missions filled with hidden items, rescuable prisoners of war, and legions of enemy soldiers. The game features exciting vehicles like the Slug Flyer and Camel Slug, upgrades, new weapons such as the Enemy Chaser, Missiles, and Iron Lizard, as well as a variety of enemies including mummified dogs in Mission 2 and formidable bosses at the end of each level.

Gameplay Enhancements and Familiar Missions

Compared to Metal Slug 2, the missions in Metal Slug X may seem familiar, but the gameplay is different. Changes in enemy appearances, mission timing, boss battles, and other variables keep the experience fresh. Players need to stay alert for secrets and the return of elements and characters from the original Metal Slug that were absent in Metal Slug 2.

Arsenal in Metal Slug X

One of the most significant differences in Metal Slug X is the arsenal of weapons available. Here are some of the notable weapons:

H: The Machine Gun

The H gun, or machine gun, is one of the most common weapons. It fires numerous bullets rapidly, earning you many points. With 300 bullets available, each hit grants 100 points, totaling up to 30,000 points. When you see the H icon flashing and changing size, grab it for double power.

S: The Shotgun

The shotgun is a short-range but extremely powerful weapon. Tanks cannot withstand more than four shots. Like the machine gun, if the S icon is flashing, the shotgun becomes an even more formidable weapon.

R: The Missile Launcher

The missile launcher has great range and power, with heat-seeking capabilities. When the R icon is flashing, the missiles are unstoppable.

F: The Flamethrower

The flamethrower, often found flashing, becomes a highly destructive and easy-to-find weapon, especially effective against soldiers and aliens.

L: The Laser Gun

The laser gun fires a continuous beam across the screen, hitting everything in its path. When flashing, the beam's thickness increases, making it more powerful and useful.

C: The Homing Missile Launcher

The homing missile launcher is uncommon but effective. While not the most powerful, it reliably targets and hits enemies on the screen.

I: Ground Missiles

One of the most original weapons, these missiles travel along the ground, destroying everything in their path until they reach the screen's edge.

D: The Bomb Launcher

Despite its imposing name, the bomb launcher is somewhat mediocre. It fires bouncing gray balls that explode on contact with enemies or obstacles.

G: The Bazooka

The bazooka's power and speed make it the best weapon in the game, though it's only available in level 5, hidden behind a sign, and has limited ammunition.

Additional Game Features and Enhancements

Levels and Sound

Metal Slug X features the same levels as Metal Slug 2, with some new enemies. The first level, for instance, is set at night. The sound design is top-notch, with realistic effects for screams, collisions, gunfire, impacts, explosions, and music, all earning a perfect score.

Bosses and Robots

All bosses from Metal Slug 2 are retained, with some rearranged for better gameplay. For example, the first level boss from Metal Slug 2 is now a sub-boss in level 3, replaced by the level 5 boss from the original Metal Slug. The game also features robots like the Metal Slug tank, Camel Slug, and the Aeroplane, each appearing in various levels and offering unique combat advantages.

Characters and Graphics

Metal Slug X features four main characters: Marco, Tarma, Fio, and Eri, along with antagonists O'Neal and Morden. The graphics are noticeably improved, and the animation is smoother compared to Metal Slug 2.

Secrets and Gameplay Tips

SNK has packed Metal Slug X with secrets. Shooting specific objects, like traffic lights in level 5, reveals hidden prisoners. Signs, billboards, and houses can also hide bonus points. Completing the game unlocks "Another Mission," offering mini-games to test your skills.

Rhe Metal Slug fat

As in Metal Slug 2, collecting food or animal-shaped points can make your character "fat," enhancing weapon power but reducing speed. Eventually, you can slim down with diet items from prisoners or by waiting over time.

Metal Slug X successfully blends classic gameplay with fresh elements, ensuring hours of fun and a challenging experience for both new players and long-time fans.

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