Koudelka: An Unconventional Gothic RPG


Infogrames introduces an innovative RPG, Koudelka, blending gothic novel elements with strategic gameplay. Released by SNK in 1999, it made its debut in Japan, quickly gaining popularity. A few months later, Koudelka was launched in the United States with the same success, and by late September, it arrived in Spain, fully dubbed and translated into Spanish.

  1. The Dark History of the Monastery
    1. Three Intertwined Fates
  2. Innovative Combat Mechanics in Koudelka
    1. Diverse Combat Options
    2. Atmospheric Music and Detailed Graphics
  3. Engaging Storyline and Unique Elements
    1. The Downsides of Koudelka
    2. The Merits of Koudelka

The Dark History of the Monastery

Koudelka's narrative unfolds in an ancient Irish monastery, which was once a prison where daily executions took place. These executions included not only petty thieves but also significant individuals who fell out of favor with the king. Some people were killed merely for entertainment, suffering brutal tortures until death, with no mercy shown to women and children.

Three Intertwined Fates

In this grim monastery, three characters with distinct backgrounds and objectives come together. Their paths cross as they uncover the monastery's horrific and mysterious secrets, solving puzzles, battling countless monsters, and searching every nook and cranny for clues.

The characters we control in Koudelka are:

Koudelka: A 17-year-old girl with psychic powers, allowing her to communicate with the dead. Due to these abilities, she was ostracized from her community, labeled as a "cursed child." She arrives at the monastery to help the soul of a woman named Elein.

Edward: A thief, poet, and adventurer in his twenties. Coming from a wealthy family, he left to seek adventures and treasures. He enters the monastery driven by the desire to uncover its ancient mysteries and find valuable artifacts.

James: A prestigious priest serving the Vatican, he is the eldest of the group, known for his seriousness and eccentricity. His mission is to recover a stolen ancient document containing the key to resurrection.

Innovative Combat Mechanics in Koudelka

Koudelka's combat system is turn-based, but with a unique twist. Players can move across the battle grid, which adds a strategic layer to the fights. This movement is often necessary to survive encounters.

Diverse Combat Options

Combat options include:

Attack: Physical attacks can be executed both at a distance and up close. For ranged attacks, players can use pistols, shotguns, rifles, bows, and crossbows. Melee weapons include swords, knives, daggers, brass knuckles, spears, axes, hammers, and maces. As weapons are used, the characters' proficiency increases, resulting in greater damage.

Magic: All characters can cast spells, with damage dependent on the caster's strength. Spells can be cast from any position on the battlefield. There are six types: water, wind, earth, fire, healing, and skill enhancement. The latter boosts attributes like strength, health, and agility. Magic proficiency improves with use, similar to weapon skills.

Element: Players can use healing and offensive items during battles.

Wait: This option allows players to skip a turn without taking action.

Enemies in Koudelka are varied, including zombies, werewolves, mutilated corpses, giant insects, and even animated furniture.

Atmospheric Music and Detailed Graphics

The music in Koudelka perfectly complements its gothic genre, though it may not be as eerie or atmospheric as Resident Evil. At times, the lack of a spine-chilling background score is noticeable.

Graphically, Koudelka excels, especially in the detailed rendering of allies and the stunning video scenes. The characters' faces and outfits, as well as the weapons and armor, are intricately detailed, a feature greatly appreciated and often missing in many RPGs.

Engaging Storyline and Unique Elements

The storyline of Koudelka becomes compelling from the second CD onwards, echoing themes found in horror novels. Through letters and book excerpts, players explore the depths of human hatred and the lengths people will go to achieve their desires.

The Downsides of Koudelka

Koudelka features a high frequency of battles, often occurring at inconvenient times, such as when collecting crucial documents or keys. Additionally, the combat can be slow, with long loading times for firearms and spell casting, which can be frustrating.

The Merits of Koudelka

Despite these drawbacks, Koudelka boasts an impressive array of weapons, captivating graphics, engaging characters, and a gradually engrossing plot. The well-crafted video scenes and the fact that it is fully translated into Spanish, complete with voice acting, add to its appeal.

Koudelka is a hidden gem, combining elements from Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, with both their strengths and weaknesses. Although it may not reach the heights of these iconic games, it offers a unique and memorable experience for RPG fans.

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