Gekido: Urban Fighters Revives the Beat 'Em Up Genre on PlayStation

Gekido: Urban Fighters

Interplay has breathed new life into the largely forgotten beat 'em up genre on the PlayStation with the release of Gekido: Urban Fighters. This game promises non-stop fun, whether you play solo or with up to three friends, either cooperatively or competitively. Gekido: Urban Fighters brings intense action and engaging gameplay to the forefront, ensuring it stands out in the crowded gaming market.

  1. Exploring the Diverse Modes in Gekido: Urban Fighters
    1. The Intriguing Storyline of Gekido
  2. High-Quality Graphics and Visual Effects
    1. Immersive Soundtrack and Effects
  3. Complex and Effective Move Sets
    1. Diverse and Powerful Weaponry
  4. Engaging and Varied Characters
    1. High Replay Value and Multiplayer Fun
  5. Detailed and Varied Environments
    1. An Essential Addition to Your Collection

Exploring the Diverse Modes in Gekido: Urban Fighters

Gekido: Urban Fighters offers a variety of game modes, some of which are secret. These include Shadow Fighter mode (similar to Street Fighter but with Gekido characters), Street Gang Battle (a street gang brawl between players), Survival mode (where you must survive waves of enemies), and Team Battle (most enjoyable with four players). The two non-secret modes are Arena Battle, which serves as a training ground where you face three characters, and Urban Fighters mode, the central gameplay experience. Each mode provides a unique twist, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The Intriguing Storyline of Gekido

Gekido's story revolves around a massive corporation that developed a groundbreaking antivirus program, which has now gone haywire, posing a significant threat. Your mission is to eliminate this danger, providing a narrative backdrop for the intense action. The storyline adds depth to the game, making each fight feel purposeful and integral to the overall plot.

High-Quality Graphics and Visual Effects

The graphics in Gekido are generally excellent, though some levels, like the ship level with its water effects, could have used more polish. The game features impressive explosion effects and dynamic lighting, which might take some getting used to initially. Despite minor graphical flaws, the overall visual presentation is strong and complements the fast-paced action.

Immersive Soundtrack and Effects

Gekido boasts a superb soundtrack featuring music by Apartment 26 and Fatboy Slim, which perfectly complements the game's atmosphere. The sound effects (FX) are well-executed, enhancing the overall immersive experience. The music and sound effects work together to create a thrilling and engaging auditory experience that keeps players hooked.

Complex and Effective Move Sets

Gekido: Urban Fighters offers a rich variety of moves, with new, more complex and effective techniques introduced as you progress. For instance, pressing Triangle, Triangle, X+L2 executes a powerful move. By pressing L1, L2, R1, and R2 simultaneously, you can perform a special move. Each type of special move has its own power bar. Mastering these moves is crucial for overcoming tougher opponents and advancing through the game.

Diverse and Powerful Weaponry

The game features an impressive array of weapons, including machine guns, pistols, knives, shotguns, grenades, pipes, and flamethrowers. The flamethrower, for example, is only obtainable in level 6 after defeating Homer. Players can also pick up and throw objects like explosive wheels, crates, barrels, vending machines, tables, chairs, and even people. This variety in weaponry and interactive objects adds another layer of strategy and fun to the game.

Engaging and Varied Characters

Gekido offers a range of interesting characters: Travis (the main character), Ushi (a powerhouse), Tetsuo (a quick striker), and Michelle (the female fighter). Secret characters, previously enemies, become playable: Gorilla (a huge ape), Kobushi (a clawed fighter), Kintaro (a mummy), Angela (the final boss), and Akujin (a demon). Enemies are well-designed, with the dogs being particularly pesky. Some levels also feature oblivious civilians walking around, adding to the game's quirky charm. Each character brings unique abilities and styles, encouraging players to try different strategies.

High Replay Value and Multiplayer Fun

Gekido: Urban Fighters is highly entertaining, especially in multiplayer mode. The thrill of unlocking new modes and characters incentivizes replaying the game with different characters, maximizing its replay value. Multiplayer battles are particularly exhilarating, making Gekido: Urban Fighters a perfect game for parties and gatherings. The game’s design ensures that players remain engaged and challenged throughout their experience.

Detailed and Varied Environments

The game features excellent and varied environments with lots of detail. Notable levels include The Enemy Base and the exciting train level. Each environment enhances the overall gameplay experience, making Gekido a must-have for fans of the beat 'em up genre. The diversity in level design keeps the gameplay dynamic and visually appealing.

An Essential Addition to Your Collection

Gekido: Urban Fighters is a crucial addition to any PlayStation collection, especially for those who love beat 'em up games. As praised by Electronic Gaming Monthly in December 1999, this game is "exactly what the PlayStation needed." The game successfully combines engaging gameplay, a compelling storyline, and excellent audiovisual elements to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

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