Advanced VG 2: The Ultimate Evolution of Fighting Games

Advanced VG 2

Advanced VG 2 is a remarkable sequel that boasts significant improvements, emphasizing that "it's the little details that truly matter." This iteration for the PlayStation refines the original game, enhancing depth and gameplay, which were somewhat lacking in its predecessor, a spin-off of Street Fighter Alpha. With these improvements, Advanced VG 2 provides a richer and more engaging experience for fighting game enthusiasts.

  1. The Story Behind Advanced VG 2
    1. Significant Improvements and Additions
  2. Enhanced Combat Dynamics in Advanced VG 2
    1. Diverse Character Selection
  3. The Story Mode in Advanced VG 2
    1. Soundtrack and Final Impressions

The Story Behind Advanced VG 2

Advanced VG centers on an annual fighting competition aimed at finding the strongest woman, sponsored by the Jahana Group, with a grand prize of one billion yen. The fighters, who also work as waitresses to promote the competition, gather at a chosen location. Inspired by last year's champion, Yuka Takeuchi, young Tamao Mitsurugi enters the fray, driven by admiration and determination.

In the storyline, the competition serves as more than just a battle of strength; it's a platform for each character's personal growth and quest for recognition. Yuka's journey from a celebrated champion to a figure of inspiration for Tamao highlights the evolving dynamics within the competition. Tamao's entry into the tournament is fueled by her desire to prove herself and to honor the legacy of her idol, Yuka.

Significant Improvements and Additions

Unlike its predecessor, Advanced VG 2 includes a practice mode, a valuable addition for players. Although the practice mode allows you to knock out your opponent, the "regenerate life" option can be enabled to mitigate this. This feature, among others, signals a positive direction for the game. Players can now pull the camera back further, which, while making characters more pixelated, helps maintain a greater distance from opponents. Enhanced movement options, such as quick runs, normal and rapid jumps, and high jumps reminiscent of Capcom games (like X-men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom), offer a dynamic combat experience. Additionally, quick recovery from knockdowns and counter attacks have been introduced.

The combat system's evolution includes more responsive controls and fluid character animations, which enhance the overall gameplay. These improvements make Advanced VG 2 a standout in the genre, especially with its refined mechanics that cater to both casual players and hardcore fighting game fans. The ability to customize controls and adjust difficulty settings adds another layer of accessibility and replayability to the game.

Enhanced Combat Dynamics in Advanced VG 2

The combat in Advanced VG 2 is faster-paced, with a notable change being that super moves no longer require low health to execute. Like many other fighting games, it features a super meter system. The gameplay sits comfortably between Street Fighter and King of Fighters. Players can use the joystick for normal attack combos via zigzag movements and execute 2-in-1 combos with special abilities, super skills (one energy reserve), and advanced super skills (two energy reserves).

This enhanced combat system not only increases the excitement of each match but also provides a strategic depth that rewards skill and timing. The variety of moves and combinations available to each character ensures that no two battles feel the same, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging over time. Advanced VG 2's combat dynamics are designed to cater to different play styles, whether you prefer aggressive offense or calculated defense.

Diverse Character Selection

Advanced VG 2 offers a roster of 12 unique "waitresses":

  • Yuka: A Ryu-like character questioning her existence.
  • Tamao: A fan of Yuka, resembling Lillith.
  • Satomi: A fire-breathing friend.
  • Kaori: A computer enthusiast who excels at kicking.
  • Chiho: A cheerful ninja.
  • Kyoko: A sensible fighting companion.
  • Ayako: A dancer who never opens her eyes.
  • Manami: An idol girl who fights like Blanka.
  • Elli Lynn: The "Playboy Rabbit" from the USA.
  • Jun: A fighter capable of depleting 50% of your health if you’re not cautious.
  • Reimi: A boss with a French appearance.
  • Saki: Mimics Iori Yagami.

Each character in Advanced VG 2 comes with distinct fighting styles and backstories, adding depth to the roster. The diversity in character design and abilities ensures that players can find a fighter that suits their preferences, making the game more inclusive and enjoyable.

The Story Mode in Advanced VG 2

In Advanced VG 2's story mode, players follow Tamao Mitsurugi instead of Yuka Takeuchi. Tamao, reminiscent of Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha, seeks to prove her strength alongside the mightiest fighters. Despite this familiar character archetype, the gameplay's excellence ensures a satisfying experience. The storyline sees Tamao admiring Yuka and striving to demonstrate her fighting prowess.

This story mode offers a narrative-driven experience that complements the fast-paced action, providing context and motivation for the characters' battles. Players can engage with the story on a deeper level, understanding the personal stakes and ambitions that drive each fighter. Advanced VG 2 successfully blends storytelling with intense combat, creating a well-rounded gaming experience.

Soundtrack and Final Impressions

The soundtrack of Advanced VG 2 remains enjoyable and unobtrusive, complementing the overall experience. Among Variable Geo games, this one stands out and comes highly recommended.

Though the game receives an overall score of 8, minor issues such as character lip-syncing with dialogue detract slightly. However, if you can overlook these quirks, Advanced VG 2 promises a thoroughly engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

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